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Coal Special Offer

Hello everyone,
As I’m sure you have all heard ALL coal has risen massively in price. As much as we would like to curtail these rises unfortunately it just cannot be stopped due to many difficulties in the global energy markets.
The good news is we have succeeded in securing a large quantity of smokeless ovoids and Colombian coal just before this increase and we are happy to offer these products to all our valued customers at well below the current market value. The deals are as follows :-
3 x 25kg Premium Smokeless Ovoids £40
3 x 25kg Premium Colombian Coal £40
We also have stock of Household Coal and Colombian Doubles at pre price rise prices, we would advise you to take advantage of these prices now while stocks last.

Place an order online or visit Nash’s Supplies at Six Road Ends in Bangor NI.

This offer has now ended – please contact store for any new deals
Yours sincerely , Nathan Nash