Gallery Firefox5 5kw Stove


The Gallery Firefox5 5kw Stove from The Stove Loft at Nash’s has been engineered for cost-effective, high-efficiency performance and sleek design.

Part of the world-renowned Firefox family, the Firefox 5 Stove is made from premium solid cast iron, marking it out for longevity, while the unique airwash control function offers a clear window onto the flickering flames.

With an efficiency rating of 78%, 4.8kW output and easy-to-operate accessories, this Firefox Multi Fuel Stove will not only create an attractive feature but also majorly slash those energy bills!

Stove installation available. Make an enquiry or visit our Bangor Showroom for more details or a chat with our friendly experienced team.

5 Year







Nominal Output – 5Kw
Efficiency – 78%
Fuel Type – Multifuel (wood and smokeless fuels)
Flue Outlet – Top/Rear
Flue Diameter – 125mm
Outside Air – No
Defra – No
Eco 22 – No